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Our products are combining the original patterns, natural fabrics and the highest quality of workmanship in a unique way and in a spirit of a slow fashion concept

At Yellow Meadow it is primarily about original patterns designed for us by uncommonly gifted Anna Stefańska. We draw from nature and art. Our prints are an exclusive artistic journey. First discussions, sketching, cutting, drawing. Afterwards sitting at the computer, putting the jigsaw pieces  together for many hours, looking for the amazing combinations of colours that will result in a unique pattern.

    Natural fabrics are the basis of our products. Our robes are made of ecological bamboo fabric manufactured in Poland. We love bamboo textile for its tenderness and smoothness against the skin. Bamboo fabric divinely wraps you in the chilly mornings and cools you down when days become hot in the summer. It is anti-allergic, antibacterial, absorbes moisture excellently. It drapes the woman's body comfortably and brings out the exceptional sensuality of her moves. A touch of luxury daily.

    Yellow Meadow is a brand bringing together local sustainable production and availability around the world. From beginning to end we create and manufacture very locally in Poland.  From arranging a design, through printing on the bamboo fabric manufactured in Poland to sewing in a little local sewing facility in Warsaw. We place importance on the quality of the  product and the respect for people involved in the production process.


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